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Reserve Olin/Uris Group Study Rooms in Advance

Olin/Uris now has 6 group study rooms that are available to be reserved: 302, 402 & 404 in Olin Library, and the 3 group study rooms in the Cocktail Lounge of Uris. Students reserve the rooms online through a reservation system called LibCal.

There is a link to this system on the Group Study Rooms-Policy for Use page on our website:

While you should review all the policies on the page, some of note:

  • These spaces are intended for current student academic use only. Faculty and staff members who need to reserve a room can refer to the Library Spaces page of the Cornell University Library website.
  • Reservations have priority. If you are using a space and do not have a valid reservation, you must leave when asked by a group that has a valid reservation.
  • Please bring a copy of your confirmation with you and be prepared to inform those sitting in a room that you have the space reserved.
  • Drinks must have a lid. Use quiet conversation.
  • Please refer any issues to staff at the circulation desk.


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