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Protecting Your Digital Privacy: A Series of Three Workshops

Privacy – the right to research, communicate, and experiment with ideas in an environment free of surveillance — is an important building block of intellectual freedom. As more and more of our communication, document storage, and everyday activities happen in the digital world, ensuring privacy has become more complicated.

In this series of three increasingly sophisticated workshops, learn hands-on, practical steps you can take to protect your privacy, and about library and other campus resources that can help. Please bring your smartphone, laptop(s), and other devices. Different material will be covered in each of the three workshops, but none is a prerequisite for the others.  

If you would like to arrange a privacy workshop for your campus group or academic department, please contact Digital Humanities Librarian Eliza Bettinger, ecb4.

If you are interested the workshops below, please click on the titles to register in advance.  Space is limited.

Digital Privacy I: Get Started with the Basics

The first workshop in the series is an introduction to digital privacy. Learn about your information vulnerabilities, and how to discern riskier digital circumstances from safer ones. During the workshop, take the opportunity to change browser settings, device settings, and preferred applications that will make real differences to your privacy. In addition, learn how to take advantage of library and campus resources that can help.

Bring your own smartphone, laptop, and other devices.

Protect Your Digital Life II: Encryption for Both Storage and Communication

Encryption is an important and robust privacy defense strategy. Learn the differences between encrypted and unencrypted online traffic, and learn your encryption options in settings like texting, email, cloud storage, hard disk storage, and Internet browsing.

Bring your own smartphone, laptop, and other devices.  

Protect Your Digital Life III: Advanced Strategies for Greater Protection

Depending on your tolerance for risk and the nature of your work, you may wish to invest time and energy in more advanced strategies for protecting your privacy. This workshop will introduce the Tor Browser and the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for protecting your online activity. We’ll also look at defensive strategies against potential doxing (the exposure and exploitation of personal identity and/or family information by parties who wish to silence an online writer or social media user.).

Bring your own smartphone, laptop, and other devices.


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