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Slope Day 2013 At Olin/Kroch/Uris Libraries


Uris Library will close after the overnight study hours at 8 AM on May 3rd.

Olin and Kroch will open at 8 am, and will be open for study until 5 pm. However, the Amit Bhatia Libe Café will close at 12 pm.

The front doors of Olin will close for the day at 12:30 pm. You’ll just need to use a different entrance/exit that is usually closed to the public.

After 12:30pm all patrons must enter and exit Olin through Stimson Hall.

If you’re already in the library, the Stimson exit is located in Kroch Library, across from the main staircase.  If you’re outside, use the Arts Quad entrance to Stimson and follow signs to Kroch. All patrons entering and exiting the building through Stimson will be subject to their bags being searched.  This is a necessary security measure.

In addition, several services will be discontinued for this day only. There will be no Big Red Bikes and no day lockers.

If you need a book from Uris on Slope Day (either from the Uris stacks or on Reserve), please see the staff at Olin Circulation Desk.  They will be more than happy to have the book paged for you while you wait. As a bonus: you’ll find out what those numbers above the circulation desk really mean!


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