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Long Live the Green Sward!

In addition to services that Olin Library provides throughout the year, we are proud to announce that we have a green area in the lobby outside of the Amit Bhatia Libe Cafe.

The lawn and plants in Olin Library are part of a larger project on campus from the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis to foster a healthy educational environment by creating natural spaces in high traffic areas.  Studies have found that natural spaces have a unique ability to reverse the effects of mental fatigue caused by prolonged study.

Olin Library, with its long hours, and central location, is a natural fit for the stress-busting green zone.

The project has been implemented with, and endorsed by Gannett and the Cornell Council for Mental Health.

The space has already received an overwhelmingly positive response, both on feedback boards outside the display and online.

If you feel you need a break from the grind of studying, please stop by the first floor of Olin Library; our lawn awaits.


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