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Notable Reference Resources: The Complete Cambridge Histories Online

Looking for authoritative information and background on a historical event, period, or character? the literature of specific language? the evolution of the language itself? Search or browse the full text of the latest editions of the renowned Cambridge Histories series. The 250 titles comprising over 300 volumes are available online, 24/7.

From the latest volume in the The Cambridge History of Arabic Literature series, Arabic Literature to the End of the Umyyad Period published this year, to the monumental 19-volume Cambridge Ancient History (published 1982-2005), chronological and thematic essays written by scholars and academic authors provide the historical and literary context for a wide range of cultures and eras worldwide. Multi-volume titles range from histories of China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia and Iran that cover centuries and millenia of change to histories of theater, philosophies, major religions, medical ethics, food, and human disease.

Each chapter is supported by a extensive bibliography and many include illustrations from primary materials. In short, the Complete Cambridge Histories Online are a continually evolving and updated corpus of scholarly literature in the humanities.


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