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Ted O'Donoghue

Zubrow Professor of Economics

Work In Progress

Unpublished Papers

Reminders Work, But for Whom? Evidence from New York City Parking-Ticket Recipients,” March 2020 (with Ori Heffetz and Henry Schneider).

Animal Spirits: Affective and Deliberative Processes in Economic Behavior,” May 2005 (with George Loewenstein).

Addiction and Present-Biased Preferences,” July 2002 (with Matthew Rabin).


Work in Progress

“The Nature of Risk Preferences: Evidence from Experimental Insurance Choices” (with Levon Barseghyan and Lin Xu)

“Bracketing and Risk Preferences: Identification and Estimation in Field Data” (with Levon Barseghyan, Francesca Molinari, and Joshua Teitelbaum).

“Hyperbolic Discounting and Consumer Purchases of Storable Goods” (with Matthew Rabin)