Relaunching the blog

After a period of hiatus, this blog is being relaunched today. The name of the blog has been changed from “Environmental Impacts of Gas Well Drilling” to “Blue Empire” reflecting the broader range of topics we would like to cover here. The blog URL still remains the same, and we will continue to provide coverage of the shale gas hydraulic fracturing regulatory process. But the blog will also feature articles and news items related to other areas of our work: water and wastewater infrastructure in New York, climate change and its effect on water resources; and impact of reactive nitrogen on soil and water.

Readers can pass along any interesting news item, article or video and we will be happy to share it on the blog. Feel free to comment on any of the articles here, but please be reminded that a moderator will have to approve any comment. Spam, advertisements and hateful comments will be removed.

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