Hydraulic Fracturing and Horizontal Gas Well Drilling Reference List

This list is in no way exhaustive. Rather, it attempts to provide a set of primary references that offer key pieces of information in building a clear understanding of the gas drilling issue. Thus, it is subjective in its completeness. Annotations attempt to identify unique or defining characteristics of each entry. References to popular press and advocacy groups, both of which are numerous and described in detail elsewhere, are for the most part excluded here.

Open the pdf to view the list

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One Response to Hydraulic Fracturing and Horizontal Gas Well Drilling Reference List

  1. Water Melting Rock says:

    Hello? who is running this blog, anyway? There has been so much news about the HydroFracking issue, I am amazed that there have been no blogs in almost a year.

    I live in Hector and we have been battling an ignorant industry trying to keep them from destroying the land, water and nature we love and are everyone’s right. We are strong! Many towns will join the Uprising.

    hydrofracturing is not profitable when regulated, so they (Bush, 2005, Obama complicit) took away the regulations! Mistakes DO happen even in the most careful situations.

    These FEDERALLY-APPROVED INDUSTRY-USED UNREGULATED CHEMICALS have, for the legal part, been regulated since 1972. FOR A REASON. Many of them are Teratogenic, Mutagenic and Acutely Toxic. (You can just imagine what was in the mind of the gas man at Auschwitz) The others used are NEW TOXIC CHEMICALS. I wont even mention that the trucks contain NO DOT APPROVED MARKINGS for hazardous waste because after use, these chemicals in solution (read: in water i should have been able to drink) are not considered toxic anymore by the federal government. OOPS!

    and now they want to spray it on the roads. he double hockeystick, they are already INJECTING this brine from PA wells only a few miles away in Chemung..

    Who is going to save us from this horrific fate if not our Trusted Public Servants?

    WE ARE!! The sheer weight of consciousness is here!

    please forgive my Sanskrit in this mantra to the Shiva in all of us to transcend the money world and live at peace with Mother World. instead of repeatedly Penetrating her

    om triam bacum ya jamahe
    sogandhim pushte vat thanum
    odeva rukame vabundena
    mriktur mukshee yamon bretah

    ignorant industry has trod on the wrong feet, is tripping and now is falling as we vote them off the island.

    aww big money, sorry we broke your mojo, yes, that’s right go crying to your mummy, QEII.

    please respond WPMU DEV

    Water Melting Rock
    Hector, NY

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