Riha and Hay testify on Oct. 15

On October 15, Professors Susan Riha and Anthony Hay testified before the NYS Assembly Committee on Environmental Conservation’s  hearing on the draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement governing natural gas drilling.  Below are copies of their testimony.

Professor Hay states in his testimony of Oct. 15, in Table 5.9 (pg. 5-106) of  the draft sGEIS listing typical concentrations of flowback constituents based on samples from PA and WV,  4-Nitroquinoline-1-oxide is detected in all 24 of the samples tested in  concentrations ranging from 1422 to 48336 mg/L.  These are unusually high concentrations of this chemical, which is reported to be a tumorigen and mutagen. The footnote to the table indicates that the raw data for the table came from several sources, with likely varying degrees of reliability, so the validity of these values questionable.

Testimony Susan Riha 10_15_09

Hay S-GEIS Hearing Testimony 10 15 09

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  1. These movements are really important in order to find out the consequences of every project man has to make. If it affects people in a negative way it should immediately be stopped.

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