GIS Map of Active Drilling Rig Locations Available


Baker-Hughes recently launched a fantastic new website that allows users to search and map drilling rig locations throughout the United States on a GIS interface. The website is here.

Users can map the drilling rig locations down to a county level, as well as click on each rig location to recieve details on the type of well, the well depth, spud date, and the drilling rig company that owns the rig, as well as other great information. It appears that users cannot at this time receive the name of the operator or leaseholder, however.

In addition to GIS mapping, the website offers historical drilling rig information by county, state, or basin for the last two years here.

A recient scouting trip to North-Central Pennsilvania confirms that the rig locations given on the map are     remarkably accurate. Taking a screen-capture of the Baker-Huges map and overlaying it on a Google Earth road-map worked quite well. 

Baker-Huges Drilling Rig GIS Map:

Baker-Huges Historical Rig Count Data

— Jeffrey

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