Polluted Water Wells Out West

Hundreds of water wells polluted with hydrocarbons have been discovered in and around natural gas drilling sites in Wyoming and Colorado. Some wells have undergone explosions and other strange phenomena. Hydraulic Fracturing is being done to these wells, although the jury is out if this is causing all of the problems. Another theory involves “the backwash” of trucks and equipment that access these water wells.

In these Western States, water well contamination from oil or gas drilling is nothing new. However, the burden for proof required to remedy these situations often lies with the regulators. Such proof can be difficult to find as many times several different companies will be drilling wells in the area, and each company will deny being the source of the
problem.  Sometimes there will be only one company in the area, but they will still deny the problem and demand proof. 
Here are two stories about the water wells, one from a Pro Publica story that ran in the Denver Post, and one from a local newspaper, Pinedale Online, in Wyoming. 
— Jeffrey 
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