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Education and E-ducation: Winter Farm Schools for IPM and More

It’s not easy, keeping up with the abundance of winter production schools, webinars, and online courses. Here’s a small sampling of options for everything from straight-up greenhouse production to biocontrol (hey, that’s a core tenet of IPM) to a smorgasbord of small-farm options for beginning or diversifying farmers.

Are you a greenhouse grower? Here’s a January 27 two-fer:

  1. Hudson Valley Nursery Greenhouse School Jan 27 in Middletown, NY. For more info, call 845-344-1234 or email
  2. Capital District Bedding Plant Conference Nurserymen’s Education Day and Trade Show (whew!)  January 27 in Latham, NY.  Contact Chuck Schmitt <> for more information

    The Oirus bug eats thrips for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — a real boon for greenhouse growers.

    The Oirus bug eats thrips for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — a great  biocontrol and a real boon for greenhouse growers.

Meanwhile, e-GRO is ready for spring with a LOT of webinars for you. Biocontrol, sponsored by Syngerta, airs on January 30. (Hint: the down-pointing arrow on the right gives you the whole enchilada — who the speakers are, their topics, and when each speaker begins so you can log in for whatever you want. They’ve even scheduled a lunch break!)

By the way, that e-GRO course on LEDs in greenhouse production (February 13) — that could be interesting. And presumably good for your wallet. And here’s another that will help you consider if organic fertilizing options (February 27) are for you. After all, anything that helps you build a healthier soil is foundational to good IPM.

Do you farm veggies — even mushrooms? Are you diversifying and need to explore potential markets and profits? Check out classes from January through March at Cornell’s Northeast Beginning Farmers.

Whatever your passion, the Cornell Small Farm Program helps make it work for you.

Whatever your passion, the Cornell Small Farm Program helps make it work for you.

New this year! Completing all requirements of one or more online courses makes you eligible to be endorsed for a no-interest loan up to $10,000 through Kiva Zip.

Here’s a sampling.

  • BF 102: Markets and Profits – Exploring the Feasibility of Your Farming Ideas
  • BF 103: Taking Care of Business – Understanding the Business, Regulatory, and Tax Implications of Your Farm
  • BF 106: Organic Certification – What, How, and Why (or Why Not)
  • BF 121: Veggie Farming – From Season-Long Care to Market
  • BF 140: Small-scale Organic Grain Production – Is it Right for Your Farm?
  • BF 150: Woodland Mushroom Production – For Fun and Profit
  • BF 203: Holistic Financial Planning – Building Profit into the Picture

Led by experienced educators and farmers, the Beginning Farmer Project offers interactive 5 – 7-week courses that connect you to the people and information you need to start a successful farm business. In fact, many courses apply even if you’ve farmed for years and are maturing or diversifying your operation.


Author: Mary M. Woodsen

Pests and pesticides — both can cause harm. How can we protect ourselves the least-toxic way? IPM is the sound, sensible, science-based approach that works wherever you do. The New York State Integrated Pest Management Program develops and offers tested tactics for pests new and old, whether on farms, offices, orchards, schools, parks, vineyards, more.... Wherever you find pests, you find IPM.

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