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Computer or Calendar? — Choose NEWA for better IPM

Traditionally, pest management practices were applied on a calendar basis, following somewhat of a cookbook approach.  However, with the newer classes of pesticides being produced today that are more target specific, timing of applications using the knowledge of a vineyard pest and the conditions that cause it to become a problem has become even more important.   Weather conditions can change drastically from one growing season to another, as well as, during a single growing season, which can make pest management decisions more difficult.  While you cannot control the weather, NEWA provides the opportunity to access weather data and IPM forecasts from weather stations across New York State, as well as a number of surrounding states.

What is NEWA and how can you use it to help you in developing and implementing an IPM strategy?  NEWA is the Network for Environment and Weather Applications and its face is a website, that posts weather and pest model information from stations across New York and a number of surrounding states.  However, NEWA is much more than just a website. It is a repository of information to be used when developing and implementing an IPM strategy in a vineyard, orchard, or vegetable operation.

Access NEWA

On your computer, access NEWA weather and IPM forecasts, from stations across the Northeast, to better plan your IPM strategy.

An overview of how to efficiently navigate the NEWA website and how to use the resources found there are the main subjects of two NEWA Training workshops being conducted in western New York on April 8.  Participants have the choice of location for the two identical workshops held on April 8 at the following locations:

NEWA Training – Morning Workshop
10 AM – Noon, April 8, 2014
Cornell Lake Erie Research and Extension Laboratory
6592 West Main Road
Portland, NY 14769

NEWA Training – Afternoon Workshop
2 PM – 4 PM
Penn State Extension – Erie County
850 E. Gore Road
Erie, PA 16509

These courses are free but preregistration is requested by calling Kate at (716) 792-2800 x201.

Both New York and Pennsylvania pesticide recertification credits will be awarded for completing this training.

Additional workshops are being planned for 2014 through 2016 across New York State.  For additional information on workshops that are scheduled for other areas please contact Juliet Carroll, Fruit IPM Coordinator, Abby Seaman, Vegetable IPM Coordinator or Tim Weigle, Grape IPM Specialist.

Author: Tim Weigle, Grape IPM Educator

Author: Karen English

I am the designer (graphic & web) for the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program. I help manage the public image of the Program via the website, print publications, and social media.

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