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Lime Sulfur and Anthracnose

March 30, 2017

Anthracnose is a disease that I have seen mostly in new plantings of Cold-hardy cultivars in New York.  I happen to think that the conditions for it to spread and take hold (warm, humid springs) are more common farther south than here in NY, but it has appeared in several vineyards here in NY.

The fact is that in vineyards with a history of Anthracnose,  dormant lime-sulfur sprays are one of the principal ways of controlling it.

So I want to share with you Mike White’s article on Anthracnose.  Here is the link:  Wine Grower News #356 3-30-17-2e3o64u.

Lime-Sulfur is a very corrosive material (for painted surfaces), but very effective on dormant vines with existing Anthracnose.  Note that if you do not have a history of Anthracnose, you probably don’t need to do this.

Ohio State has a nice Anthracnose Factsheet.  We don’t have one in our Cornell IPM factsheets, because it has been very rare in commercial vineyards here in NY.



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