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After the Freeze: The Second Crop

By Tim Martinson The May 22-23 spring frost that occurred in the Thousand Islands region (and in other parts of NY) killed off many primary shoots and clusters – when they were out 4-6 inches in many cases. Now, three weeks later on June 15, we see a fairly full complement of shoots, especially on […]

Insect and Mite Pests 2015

By Dr Greg Loeb Greg Loeb has written a summary of selected insect and mite pests and their management, including grape phylloxera, banded grape bug and lygocoris (early season cluster feeders) and spotted wing drosophila.   It was printed in the Finger Lakes Vineyard Notes newsletter. Thanks to Hans Walter-Peterson for allowing me to repost this […]

May 22 Freeze Injury

On May 22, temperatures in the Thousand Island region plunged to the upper 20s (27-31 degree F), causing extensive, late freeze injury to shoots that were out 6-12 inches: 1. Frost injury was extensive, with some portions of blocks having upwards of 90+ % of shoots frozen. 2. Many shoots were totally frozen; some were […]