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Crown Gall

by Chrislyn Particka We’re starting to see crown gall in our Marquette research plots; some vines are collapsing, and upon examining the trunk of these vines, crown gall is apparent.             Vine showing early symptoms of collapse due to crown gall.  Note the drooping leaves, which indicate water stress.   […]


Printer-friendly pdf version:  Wilcox Mid-Season Downy Mildew 2014 by Wayne Wilcox Department of Plant Pathology, NYS Agricultural Experiment Station Ed. note: Rainfall and cool weather has brought about ideal conditions for Downy Mildew epidemics.  While some Northern Grape cultivars (eg. Frontenac family) are highly resistant to downy mildew, others are not. -TEM Plenty of downy […]

Champlain summer vineyard workshop

Hosted by Richard Lamoy. Hid-In-Pines Vineyard, Morrisville, NY Sunday, August 24 click here for map Richard Lamoy along with the Lake Champlain Grape Growers Association is pleased to announce a summer workshop for Sunday, August 24, 2014 starting at 2:00 PM. The workshop will cover late summer pruning, leaf pulling,  training and tying of grape […]

Grape Berry Ripening

August Issue: News You Can Use by Chrislyn Particka As we head into August, veraison will commence, and along with it, thoughts of when to harvest.  A great deal of research has been conducted to characterize the ripening profiles of Vitis vinifera cultivars, which helps growers make informed decisions regarding harvest.  However, little is known […]

Managing Winter-Injured Vines Part 2

Printer-friendly PDF version: Managing winter injury part 2 by Tim Martinson Early in the season we posted Managing Winter-Injured Vines to provide some background on vines just a few weeks after budburst.  In this post, I’ll cover two mid-season items:  Vine collapse and managing suckers for trunk replacement. Vine collapse:  Warmer summer weather leads to increased […]

Veraison in Marquette: Top Wire vs Vertical Shoot Positioning

by Tim Martinson Justine Vanden Heuvel and I visited our Marquette and Frontenac training trials last thursday (July 31), and noted that veraison is starting on Marquette. 1. Top Wire Cordon:  Many of the high-trained clusters (Top Wire Cordon and Umbrella Kniffen) were just starting to turn.           2.  Top Wire […]

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