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June “Northern Grapes News” Posted

June 19th, 2014 Northern Grapes News The new Northern Grapes News is now available. In this issue: -Managing Winter-Injured Vines -NGP Profile: Miguel Gomez -2012 Michigan Tasting Room Research – A Series: Issue #4, The Impact of Tasting Room Fees on Wine Purchases -Northern Grapes Project Funding Update -Equipment for Small Wineries Sorry, this is […]

July “News You can Use”: Vineyard Floor Management

News You Can Use by Chrislyn Particka Vineyard Floor Management                 Under-vine cover crop treatments (Justine Vanden Heuvel and Lindsay Jordan) at Cornell University.  Weeds can compete with grapes for water, nutrients, and sunlight, and new growers often ask for advice in creating an effective weed management program […]

Pruning strategy and Shoot Counts at Clayton

by Tim Martinson When we pruned our Marquette and Frontenac training system trial at Clayton in April, we knew there was the potential for winter injury.  So we left extra buds, in the hopes that the extra buds would compensate for bud injury.  Here’s how that worked out: 1.  Frontenac.   We left extra long […]

Clusterless shoots and crop potential in 2014.

by Tim Martinson In 2013, we were able to harvest 2.5-5.0 tons per acre of fruit from our Clayton training trials  (See 2013 Marquette results here) . In 2014 it may be a different story. Clusterless Shoots: Last week  Chrislyn Particka and Bobby Hunt counted (adjusted) shoots, and also counted the number of shoots without […]

Early July happenings in the NGP research plots

by Chrislyn Particka On Tuesday, July 1, I traveled to the Northern Grapes Project training system research plots at Coyote Moon Vineyards in Clayton.  The plots are looking good, despite an obvious reduction in crop load due to the extreme cold temperatures this winter.   I’ll fill you in on some of the work that Bobby and […]