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Bud Injury Alert

Temperatures in Northern NY have dipped down into the -30 F range in the Thousand Island region (Watertown airport showed -34F) and down to -26 at Chazy in the Lake Champlain region.  There may be bud injury associated with these low temperatures, so growers should be aware of this potential before pruning their grapevines. Data:  […]

Evaluating Bud Injury and Adjusting Pruning.

Evaluate Injury in Your vineyard:  I recommend that growers collect canes and cut a sample of buds to determine whether the primary and secondary buds are alive or dead.  This is relatively simple to do, but works better if you bring the canes inside and place in a warm environment for 24-48 hours before cutting […]

2014 NY and PA Pest Management Guidlines for Grapes

The 2014 NY/PA Pest Management Guidelines for grapes are now available and can be ordered online, or purchased through your local l Cornell Cooperative Extension office.  A downloadable form for mail or fax orders is available here. To order through the Cornell Store, order online at or call (800) 624-4080. Note that this site […]