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Paige Fralick is summer field assistant in Watertown

I’m pleased to announce that Paige Fralick has joined the program as a summer assistant, based in Watertown.  Paige just completed her sophomore year as a biology major at Wells College, and will use her summer employment as a for-credit internship. Paige started last Wednesday, and we spent the day at Northern grapes Project experiments […]

Phylloxera on Frontenac – Management options

Last week I observed the first phylloxera galls on Frontenac, with shoots out 4-6 inches and 3-4 leaves.  These galls each contain a single female phylloxera that came out of an egg overwintering in bark crevices on the trunk.  As the gall matures, the female (attached to the leaf inside the gall) will lay eggs […]

New York and Pennsylvania Pest Management Guidelines for Grapes 2013

The 2013 version of the  New York and Pennsylvania Pest Management Guidelines for Grapes is available online or in a print version (order here).  This is the official guide to fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides, as well as pesticide safety, target pests, and a host of other information. The print version ($25) can be ordered online, and I […]

Wayne Wilcox Grape Disease Control article for 2013

Link: Grape Disease Control 2013 Wilcox (pdf file) Dr. Wayne Wilcox is grape disease management plant pathologist at Geneva, with a multifaceted research program on all the grape diseases.  Each year he writes a comprehensive summary of research findings, fungicide registration news, and a section entitled ‘putting it all together’ that provides options for each vine growth […]

Review Disease Management Plans

Hi – Looks like another growing season is upon us. I plan on sharing periodic timely updates with NNY grape growers, as I did last year.  With buds out a few inches, it is time to put some serious thought into your disease management program.  Here is our Northern Grapes Webinar from last May, featuring […]

Frost injury this past week

What limited information I can glean from weather records at the Watertown airport, Plattsburgh, and Willsboro farm, temperatures at these sites didn’t go much below 31 D Farenheit on Sunday or monday.  Lake Placid showed a low of 30.8 on Monday evening.  From what I can gather, frost injury was modest, and restricted in many […]

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