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NFLC Student’s Blog #7: Gaur Monitoring

By Anupriya
(Summarised from the drawing by Sharada Ramadass)

As it is popularly said and agreed – a picture can speak a thousand words, Anupriya decided to put her thoughts about the week (week 5) on ecology in this simple and illustrative pencil drawing. Clearly it shows what captured her attention during the week – the field trip to monitor gaur herds in Kotagiri.

Beautifully capturing the landscape and its elements (including herself), she comments on her experience, “I liked the gaur monitoring very much. I had mixed feelings of fear, awe and surprise, seeing the Gaur from such close quarters. People and Gaur seemed to go along their normal business without any issues. It was difficult to distinguish between the male and female Gaur. Observing their behavior was amusing and entertaining as well.” Need we say more? I think not.

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