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NFLC Student’s Blog #6: Reflecting on the ‘Crossing Boundary Exercises’

By Visithra
(Summarised from the audio by Sharada Ramadass)

The Crossing Boundary Exercises for the week (also known as CBE, in short) has been a focal theme for the NFLC, helping the students explore and cross over many kinds of boundaries – be it culture, language, or domain of focus. This week’s (week4) CBE was the main attraction for Visithra, putting the theme of the week – Livelihoods and Enterprise into perspective. And here’s what she says:

“This week I liked the CBE class the most. I got to understand how to do marketing from Miller sir. I was able to correlate this with what others had been discussing during the week. Jyothsna spoke about livelihoods while Mathew spoke about organic food and I was able to see how it all fit into marketing in this CBE. Both these aspects were very useful to me. I definitely think we should eat organic food and I will definitely set up a small nursery or kitchen garden in my house. I think this will help me eat organic food. And going beyond myself, I would like to show and tell others also about how to keep an organic garden or nursery and get access to organic food.”

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