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NFLC Student’s Blog #4: Mixed Emotions

By Dhanalakshmi


Early morning, around 9:30 a.m., I sat in the NFLC class, rather nervous. Then Andrew sir began talking and said that he had been coming to Keystone for past eight years, which although I was surprised to hear, did give me a sense of comfort. I was curiously listening to his lecture on Community well-being, health and mental well-being and traditional culture. We then proceeded to see the water festival to Orasolai, where they performed the Gangai pooja. The NFLC team then went to Vakanamaram and watched ‘Dhodaatta’ together.

I was very happy that I got a chance to get back to my hometown to watch ‘Dhodaatta’ with the entire team.  It was fun to watch  the performers dancing through the play. ‘Dhodaatta’ was  being performed after twenty-five  years, although I fail to understand the reason behind its sudden
re-performance after so many years..  In the wee hours, when we were returning from Vakanamaram to Kotagiri, I was shivering because of the unbearable cold, but somehow, I managed.

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