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on the topic of “viable, emerging forms of journalism”

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From our syllabus, the most likely relevant articles are Chafee & Metzger, Papacharissi, Hesmondalgh, Anderson, Knight Foundation, Fenton, and the Project for Excellence in Journalism.

For supplemental readings, you might look at the following:

Deuze, Mark (2003) “The Web and its Journalisms: Considering the Consequences of Different Types of Newsmedia Online.” New Media & Society v5n2: 203-230.

Mark Deuze, Axel Bruns, and Christoph Neuberger.  (2007).  “Preparing for an Age of Participatory News, Journalism Practice,” 1(3), 322-338.

Zizi Papacharissi, ed., Journalism and Citizenship: New Agendas in Communication (2009)

Howard Tumber (2001) “Democracy in the Information Age: The Role of the Fourth Estate in cyberspace” Information, Communication & Society v4n1: 95-112.

Darin Barney, “The multiplication of news platforms: the ‘privatization’ of the media,” Policy Options, February 2006, 63-66.

Pew Research, “Understanding the Participatory News Consumer” March 2010

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