Alright so I did promise on delivering tips on health and fitness. I have studied this subject for a while so I would love to share my insights with all of you. Since it is Thursday and most of you are about to embark the usual weekend of massive binge drinking I will dedicate this very first tip to showing you all how to minimize the harmful effects. No I am not talking about damaging your liver but actually about the extra layer of flab that will hang from your body come Sunday morning. Many of us love to drink trust me being a senior gives me reason to do it 6 nights a week but there is no reason to not let your body look good while doing it. Ok enough build up here is how you can get wasted without putting on the flab:

Lets first examine how alcohol leads to weight or flab gain. First of all alcohol is essesntially empty calories that pretty much delays the entire weight loss process. Alcohol also increases your appetite. Yes I know the feeling: its 1am frats are kicking you out of their parties, the bars are closing and you and your friends are pretty wasted at this point. It is almost impossible not to stop at your nearest favorite restaurant. You don’t remember a time in your life when food ever tasted that good. You can barely think straight and suddenly you are consuming everything in front of you. This combined with the massive drinking before hand can pack on more than 2000 calories over the course of 3 hours. Better yet after you wake up you are still dehydrated, hungry and still going to continue indulging. You probably won’t want to work out either which adds another negative to the list.

To drink without gaining weight you will have to teach yourself how to sacrifice the calories elsewhere . It is a lot easier than it sounds trust me. If you do not want to do this then you better hit the gym 5 times a week otherwise this is the only way. Yes I know you all think you are so busy with your work that you can spare an hour out of the 4 hours you spend procrastinating a day. But that’s fine. If you still want to party, you’re going to have to start keeping track of everything you are currently eating and drinking. Chances are it’s more than you think. Keep telling yourself that along with better eating habits. I will be blogging a lot of how to eat healthier in college later. On the days you do drink which for most of the Cornell public is Friday and Saturday and maybe  Thursday as well (who can resist 3 dollar long islands…mmmm or those two dollar pitchers on Wednesdays) eat as clean as you possibly can. That means no junk food, no fried food and no excess sugar. So sorry ladies that means no cookies, no pastries, no ice cream and no sugar in your coffee. This allows you to make up for your unhealthiness come 9 or 10PM. It takes discipline to drink without gaining weight because the tipsier you get the more you want to indulge in fattening foods. Just follow these guidelines. Here are some more tips: Stay away from fruity juices, pick light beers over regular beers when you can, try waiting an hour after you get to an event before drinking, eat a healthy and filling meal before heading out for a night, if you come home and feeling like eating everything in your fridge just drink 2 or 3 glasses of water and have a little snack. This should satisfy you enough.

Remember the goal of this post is not to help you lose weight while drinking but to not gain weight. There are lots of heavy drinkers out there who maintain healthy and lean physiques. Its because they eat moderately as well. I hope this helps please provide me with some feedback will you all. Now its time to go to the gym

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