New Directions in Cypriot Archaeology 2014


Conference Information:

Keynote Paper: “A Tale of Five Villages: Constructing Prehistoric Bronze Age Cyprus” by David Frankel, Professor Emeritus, LaTrobe University

April 10-12, 2014

Venues: April 10th & 12th Physical Sciences Building (PSB) 401, Cornell University; April 11 Guerlac Room/Observatory, A.D. White House, Cornell University


“Grey economics in Bronze Age Cyprus.” by Georgia Marina Andreou

“The Early Neolithic on Cyprus: An Examination of the Reasons Behind the Absence of Cattle.” by Katelyn DiBenedetto

“Climate and environmental changes in the Eastern Mediterranean during prehistoric times: new insights from carbon isotope analysis of archaeological plant remains.” by Valentina Caracuta and Elisabeth Boaretto

“The archaeology of the north coast of Cyprus: the evidence from Lapithos.” by Stella Diakou

“Prehistoric pottery under the microscope: Ceramic production, distribution and social interaction in Early and Middle Bronze Age Cyprus.” by Maria Dikomitou-Eliadou

“Tracing the foundation horizon of Palaepaphos: New research on the early history of the Paphos Region.” by Artemis Georgiou

“Cypriot landscapes in-the-making: toward an integrated study of ancient environmental and social change.” by Catherine Kearns

“Provisioning the City: Isotopic Approaches to Late Bronze Age Animal Economies on Cyprus.” by Jeffrey F. Leon

“Trajectories and Changes in Social Complexity on Bronze Age Cyprus: Causes, Effects and Narratives.” by Professor Sturt Manning, Cornell University

“Bridging the Gap: Site Histories, Chronology and Social Change in Prehistoric Cyprus.” by Charalambos Paraskeva

“Negotiations of the Cypriot Bronze Age Landscape: Fortresses as a Component of the Political Assemblage.” by Eilis Monahan and Matt Spigelman

“Alambra: From ‘A Middle Bronze Age Settlement in Cyprus’ to a Royal District.” by Anna Satraki

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