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Why use a model for adaptive N management?


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A computer model can incorporate the complex processes happening in a corn field. It can simulate the important processes day by day, incorporating locally variable precipitation and temperatures, as well as, soil type, organic matter content, previous crops, organic inputs, tillage, planting date and population, cultivars, and yield potential. It can thus be a lot more locally precise (adaptive) than the various current static approaches used for generalized N recommendations.

The service of a model, once developed, can be provided at much lower cost than other tools. Also, a model can serve as a great learning tool, allowing for the exploration of the field dynamics and understanding of current conditions and recommendations. A model like the one behind the Adapt-N tool also allows you to test what-if scenarios, and retrospectively evaluate a growing season’s N dynamics. To find out more about how the model works, and how to use the user-friendly web interface, go to our manual.

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