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How can Adapt-N improve farm profits?

More accurately estimating N needs means spending less money on fertilizer that the crop cannot take up. In dry or normal years (about 3 out of 4 years on the average) corn nitrogen needs are actually lower than generalized recommendations. In such years fertilizer rates thus need to be adjusted downward, saving the grower money. For example, at $0.50/lb of N, reducing the N rate by 50 lb/acre would amount to $25/acre of savings. On the other hand, in years with higher than average spring rainfall, fertilizer rates are adjusted upward to compensate for early season N leaching and denitrification, thus preventing yield and profit losses. For example, in years with heavy spring rains that require higher N rates, preventing a 15 bushel/ac yield reduction through an additional 50 lbs/ac N application results in an about $50/ac increase in profit.

What's Cropping Article Cover Page Using the tool also saves time and analysis costs, as there is no need for in-season soil sampling or waiting and paying for soil test results that could be outdated by the time they can be used. Adapt-N uses the new cloud computing model where all software and databases are centrally located on servers, you can even use the tool from the field, or a coffee shop using a smart phone, iPad or other mobile device with internet access.

More information on case studies increasing grower profits 

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