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The Adapt-N tool provides precise nitrogen (N) fertilizer recommendations that account for the effects of seasonal conditions using high-resolution climate data, a dynamic computer model, and field-specific information on crop and soil management. This approach can significantly reduce N input costs and environmental impacts by better predicting seasonally and spatially variable crop N requirements.  Adapt-N simulates crop and soil N dynamics on a daily time step for the season, up to the time of simulation (in most cases the time of sidedress).

What the tool can do: The all new Adapt-N toolset improves nitrogen use efficiency through

  • Nitrogen scenario and weather planning for current and prior seasons
  • Daily N-rec nitrogen recommendations via Text Message and Email
  • Real-time N recommendations in the field with a smart phone or tablet
  • Providing field-level precipitation and temperature
  • Growth stage indicators
  • Virtual Soil Nitrate Tests
  • Muti-tiered account tools specifically designed for growers, agronomists, and enterprises

…Adapt-N is built for every zone in your field.






Overview and demo of Adapt-N Software

0:00 – 1:44 – Welcome and logistics
1:45 – 7:34 – Introduction by Dr. Thomas Green of the IPM Institute
7:35 – 49:33 – Greg Levow of Agronomic Technology Corp
49:34 – End – Q&A and acknowledgements

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