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There are many opportunities for members of NEAFCS.

  • Continuing education and professional development at the local, state, and national levels.
  • Reduced registration fees for state and national conferences.
  • Networking opportunities to learn about and discuss successful programs, ideas for new programs, and evaluating impact.
  • On-going communication through state and national newsletters, a list-serve, and websites.
  • Recognition of member achievements through state and national awards.  Several national awards include a monetary component.
  • Leadership opportunities at the state and national levels.
  • Committee membership and leadership opportunities in the areas of professional development, public affairs, awards & recognition, and member resources.

There are several options for membership in the New York NEAFCS Affiliate.

If you are already a member and need to renew your membership, click here.  After you have visited the National NEAFCS website to update your contact information and print your renewal form, please mail your form and a check for $125 ($100 National Dues + $25 State Dues) to Linda Law-Saunders (address below).

If you are a new member, see below for membership options.

Active National Member – You must have a bachelor’s  degree in Home Economics/Human Ecology or a related field and currently be working in Extension in any capacity with family and consumer sciences or home economics.  Dues $125 ($100 National Dues + $25 State Dues).  Please fill out the National Membership Application.

National Member in Transition  – You must have been employed in family and consumer sciences programming and have been an active member of NEAFCS, but are currently furloughed, placed on temporary work assignment, working in a part-time role, or on a leave of absence.  This is a way to maintain membership.  You may stay in this membership category for a maximum of five years and then pay dues to become a Life Member.  Dues $55.  Please fill out the National Membership Application.

National Partner Member – You must be employed by a State Land Grant Institution with a Bachelors degree or working in a corporate/business field related to the work of Extension Educators, may become a Partner Member.  Dues $100.  Please fill out the NEAFCS Partner Membership Application.

National Student Member – You must be a full time graduate or undergraduate student enrolled in a University, College, or other educational setting, studying family consumer sciences or related field, with an interest in Extension Education as a future career, who is not currently employed as an Extension Education.  Membership may be obtained by submitting a student status statement verifying their full time student status.  Dues $55 ($50 National Dues, $5 State Dues).  Please fill out the NEAFCS Student Membership Application.

NY Affiliate Member – You must be a paraprofessional providing programming in the area of Human Ecology with at least a 2 year degree, but less than a 4 year degree, in Home Economics/Human Ecology or related field.  Dues $25.  Please fill out the New York State Membership Application Form.

NY Allied Member – You must be an active member in any one of the NY Extension professional organizations.  Dues $25.  Please fill out the New York State Membership Application Form.

National Life Member – You must be a former extension employee with membership in the National Association for at least 10 years.  One-time fee $300.  Please fill out the National Life Member Application.

Membership applications are due by December 1st for the following membership year.

All forms should be completely filled out and mailed with a check made out to NEAFCS-NYA to:

Linda Law-Saunders
NYA – NEAFCS Treasurer
415 Lower Main Street
Hudson Falls, New York 12839