DNR Grad, Rachel Neugarten, joins Conservation International

Rachel Neugarten, who received her M.S. from the Department of Natural Resources in 2010 under the supervision of Associate Professor Steven Wolf, recently joined the staff of Conservation International (CI), a non-profit based in Arlington, Virginia, as the manager for conservation priority-setting. In her new role, Rachel is helping the organization to integrate ecosystem services (carbon, freshwater) and human well-being (food security, health, and cultural services) into their biodiversity conservation work. She is working with a dynamic team of scientists from the US, UK, Copenhagen, Australia, and South Africa, and is involved in projects in Madagascar, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. In March she will travel to Lima, Peru to attend CI’s Americas planning meeting as a species team representative, and is looking forward to many other future travel opportunities. Rachel recently relocated to Washington DC and would be happy to host visitors or discuss pressing issues in international conservation with DNR faculty, staff, or students. She is trying to ameliorate her new urban lifestyle by jogging in Rock Creek Park (which is not as scenic, but is significantly less icy, than Ithaca’s gorges) and spending many hours exploring DC’s museums.