Making an “EDEN” Bigger Difference

In the wake of disaster, Keith Tidball, Department of Natural Resources at Cornell, played a big role in makingĀ  a difference for those affected by natural disasters in the New York area. Keith Tidball is a state coordinator for the New York Extension Disaster Education Network (NY EDEN), which is a Cornell University based program designed to assist NY residents prepare for, survive, and recover from sorts of calamities. Better yet, the NY EDEN program is directly run through the Cornell Cooperative Extension, which utilizes information from Cornell, such as the “effects of post-storm salinization on farmland to the potential hazards of having untold gallons of milk wash into rivers from flooded Upstate dairies”. Furthermore, NY EDEN’s work helped with evacuation and recovery procedures in the aftermath of last year’s Hurricane Sandy. For more information on Tidball’s work and NY EDEN program, be sure to read this article here!

Keith Tidball Featured in Two Articles in PeriodiCALS

Keith Tidball is featured in two articles on the fourth page of the Spring 2013 PeriodiCALS, the College of Agriculture and Life Science’s Magazine. The first article discusses “Greening in the Red Zone,” how outdoor recreation and nature can help war veterans and other trauma victims. These activities can include fishing, hunting, planting trees, gardening, and solitary time outside.

The second item features a quote from Tidball in an article about the responses to Superstorm Sandy. The article talks about Cornell Cooperative Extension’s rapid response and mobilization to help reduce the impact of the hurricane. CCE and the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) were well-equipped with a system-wide set of standard operating procedures and had resources available for those affected by the storm.


To read both articles in full, click here to download the Spring 2013 PeriodiCALS.

CCE Responsiveness to Hurricane Sandy in EZRA Magazine

In EZRA Magazine’s Winter 2013 edition, Volume V, No. 2, Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) was highlighted for its rapid response to assist the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Its New York Extension Disaster Education Network (NY EDEN),, made resources available to farmers, businesses, and communities. DNR’s Keith Tidball is the State Coordinator and Senior Extension Associate for NY EDEN.

Click here to read the article in EZRA Magazine.

NY EDEN Responds to Recent Flooding Disasters

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE)’s NY Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) actively assisted the residents of at least 33 New York counties, during the “prodromal” stages of the recent hurricane and tropical storm, Irene and Lee.

When it was clear that there would be a crisis due to flooding, NY EDEN notified the counties and disseminated information about how to proceed. They “ensure[d] that timely information and regular communication were deployed such that loss of life was minimized.”

Read more about the crucial role that NY EDEN had in responding to the floods in this article.