Cornell Alum Speaks out Against Hydrofracking

Northeast Public Radio, WAMC: Students March Against Hydrofracking – 4/30

“We’re here in Albany to let Governor Cuomo know loud and clear that if he wants to be a leader for the youth vote and for for environmental communities then he needs to take a stand and ban fracking” – Laura Smith, Vassar College

“What we need to do here is ban fracking. I’m originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania, and I saw corporations coming in and taking what was not there’s. And I live in New York now, New York is my home, I’m never gonna leave and I can’t bear to have that happen to my neighbors upstate, just because I’m in the city doesn’t mean this isn’t a community, we’re a state and we need to start working with one another, even if you may not live down the street, we’re all New Yorkers and we need to remember that” – Caroline Cowley, Brooklyn, NY

“Our generation by 2016, the Millennials will be the largest voting bloc in the history of the United States…and coincidentally that’s probably when if Governor Andrew Cuomo will run for the presidency… exactly so we’re also delivering a letter to Governor Cuomo, a letter from young people from New York State, calling on him to take leadership, to ban fracking and build the green economy, and we are also delivering this letter which has been signed by 18 state networks and national youth organizations, including the Sierra Student Coalition, Energy Action Coalition, Ohio Student Environmental Coalition, which represent hundreds of thousands of people from all across the country who stand in solidarity with us today” – KC Alvey, recent graduate of Cornell University