Keith Tidball and team help Joplin rebuild after Tornado

Keith Tidball, a senior extension associate with the Department of Natural Resources and associate director of Cornell’s Civic Ecology Lab, recently worked with a group of students from Drury University to help Joplin, Missouri recover from the effects of an EF5  tornado. Along with help from the US Forest Service and other organizations, the group built a Butterfly Garden and Overlook in Cunningham Park in Joplin. The park is designed to be a space for healing as well as education. The construction of the park was made possible through the TKF Foundation’s Open Spaces Sacred Places initiative which gave Tidball and his team a $585,000 grant. The money from the grant is also being used for a similar project, also led by Tidball, in New York City.

The full article about Keith Tidball’s work in Joplin can be found here!

Keith Tidball to design, build, and research “healing spaces”

Keith Tidball is co-principle investigator on a project to build Open Spaces Sacred Places (OSSPs) in Joplin, Mo., and New York City. “The OSSPs will be nodes on the landscape where people can connect to values [of natural elements for healing after a disaster], and these places will become portals where people can reconnect with nature,” said Tidball.


The “Landscapes of Resilience” project recently received a $585,000 National Open Spaces Sacred Places award. This five-year grant will go towards building and studying healing spaces for residents recovering from the May 2011 Joplin tornado and Hurricane Sandy.

For further reading, please see this article from the Cornell Chronicle.