Conservation Bridge Website

Natural Resources Professor Jim Lassoie and Ph.D. student Jamie Herring have created a website that connects current, real problems between students and conservationists around the globe. The website uses short videos created by Herring that allows the students to work directly with scientists who are trying to fix these problems. The relatively new model has already been acknowledged by education experts and funders. Students in areas from Ithaca to China are gaining a valuable education and experience with conservationists as well conservationists receiving research conducted by the students. The Conservation Bridge Website accomplishes the ultimate goal of allowing teachers to motivate students to understand the concrete significance of what  they are learning in the classroom.

Eventually, Lassoie sees Conservation Bridge as self-sustaining with contributors from around the world. Its innovation and practicality has already earned three competitive grants and a large interest in using Conservation Bridge from U.S. environmental science faculty members.


Check out the Conservation Bridge website !