Cornell Maple Sap and Syrup Being Used in Beer Production

Michael Farrell has been supplying sap and syrup for beers for the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery. Through the Cornell Maple Program, Farrell has been working with the Pub on the maple sap ales and will be doing some birch beer with birch sap this Spring.¬† The Pub and the Adirondack Life magazine have also created a beer called “Life Support.” This beer is made from maple syrup produced¬†by sugarmakers in all 12 counties of the Adirondack Park.

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Walnut and Birch Trees Have Potential for Syrup Production

Michael Farrell, director of Cornell’s Uihlein Sugar Maple Research and Extension Field Station in Lake Placid, explains that birch and walnut trees in the eastern United States can be tapped for syrup production, providing a significant opportunity for a new valuable forestry crop. Birch syrup is especially well suited for maple syrup producers because birch sap begins to flow right when maple sap flow ends in April. Syrup producers can use the same equipment to produce more syrup when maple syrup production is low, like it was last year.

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Cornell Maple Program

The Cornell Maple Program and its campus-based specialists have been given a national award on Oct. 26.

Brian Chabot, former director of the program; Stephen Childs, director; Michael Farrell, northern maple specialist and director of the program’s Uihlein Field Station; and Peter Smallidge, New York state extension forester and former director of the program have each been awarded the North American Maple Syrup Council’s inaugural Richard G. Haas Distinguished Service Award. They are being recognized for their outstanding research and outreach in support of maple syrup producers.

Peter Smallidge will also be awarded with the Technology Transfer Award from the Society of America Foresters for ForestConnect. ForestConnect, which launched in 2007, provides web-based seminars about woodlot management. Produced 11 times a year, the series has 2,300 registered users with more than 100 people watching each seminar live.

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