Upcoming DNR Grad Webinars

Check out DNR Grad Students, Alex Kudryavtsev and Jesse Delia‘s upcoming webinars!

March 15th: Sense of Place and Urban EE in the Bronx
Presented by Alex Kudryavtsev, Natural Resources, Cornell
Learn about Alex’s research, which uses surveys and
narrative inquiry to collect data in community-based
organizations in the Bronx, New York City, to study sense of
place and other outcomes of urban environmental education.
March 29th: Participatory Explorations of Urban Youth
Presented by Jesse Delia, Natural Resources, Cornell
Find out about the youth internship program at East NY
Farms! in East New York, Brooklyn and listen to excerpts
from youth interviews that demonstrate critical ecological and
social awareness consistent with David Gruenewald’s critical
pedagogy of place.

Read the announcement and find out how to tune it here: Urban EE PLC Webinar Series

DNR PhD candidate makes video about Akiima Price

PhD candidate Alex Kudryavtsev made a video about Akiima Price, which was featured in Scientific American. Ms Price is an environmental educator, who along with DNR Chair Marianne Krasny, co-taught an online course entitled “Environmental Education in Urban Communities.” This course is one of many activities being conducted as part of EPA’s National Environmental Education Training Program, which is housed in DNR’s Civic Ecology Lab.

View the video here: http://networkedblogs.com/ukKcR

NAAEE Research Symposium

The North American Association of Environmental Education (NAAEE) had their 8th annual Research Symposium on October 11-12.

Several members of the DNR community were involved in this year’s symposium, entitled “Branching to the Future, Rooted in Time.”

Erin Kelly was a coordinator and did program production.

Prof. Marianne Krasny is the Chair of the NAAEE Research Commission.

Alex Kudryavtsev, Jesse Delia and Prof. Marianne Krasny all gave presentations at the event.

Yue Li participated as a conference assistant.


Check out the event’s program here: NAAEE