Don Schaufler wins 2013 Presidential Field Forester Award

The Council of the Society of American Foresters have chosen Donald Schaufler to receive the 2013 Presidential Field Forester Award to be presented at the SAF National Convention in Charleston, South Carolina on October 25. This award recognizes Don for his innovative methods and record of excellence in the practice of forestry management. Please join us in congratulating Don for this national recognition!

Announcing Dan Decker as Chair of the Department of Natural Resources

We are very pleased to announce that Professor Dan Decker has agreed to become the next Chair of the Department of Natural Resources, effective July 1, 2013, for a three year term. Please join with us in congratulating Dan on this new appointment!

Dan brings to the position a record of strong scholarship and administrative experience (including previous service as department Chair).


Please also join us in thanking Marianne Krasny for her dedicated service as department Chair. Marianne will continue her valuable work in the NTRES community, such as with the EPA’s National Environmental Education Training Program, with her graduate students and colleagues in the Civic Ecology Lab, teaching online courses for outside Cornell audiences, and work on a book currently under review and an eBook just underway.

Marianne Krasny, department Chair 2007-2013


Keith Tidball to design, build, and research “healing spaces”

Keith Tidball is co-principle investigator on a project to build Open Spaces Sacred Places (OSSPs) in Joplin, Mo., and New York City. “The OSSPs will be nodes on the landscape where people can connect to values [of natural elements for healing after a disaster], and these places will become portals where people can reconnect with nature,” said Tidball.


The “Landscapes of Resilience” project recently received a $585,000 National Open Spaces Sacred Places award. This five-year grant will go towards building and studying healing spaces for residents recovering from the May 2011 Joplin tornado and Hurricane Sandy.

For further reading, please see this article from the Cornell Chronicle.

Volunteers pitch in to plant trees at Freeville research farm

From Anja Timm, Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station.

Volunteers from across campus and around the community came together for a productive day to plant hundreds of hardwood seedlings.

More than 30 volunteers from Cornell University and George Junior Republic planted 800+ trees on two acres at Cornell’s Homer C. Thompson Vegetable Research Farm in Freeville, N.Y., May 18. Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station (CUAES) and Cornell’s Department of Natural Resources hosted the tree-planting party.

The planting is part of a research project evaluating six methods of protecting saplings from browsing deer, including different tubes, liners and bud caps. As volunteers planted the white oak, sugar maple, and black locust seedlings, they measured, staked and tagged them, and the trees’ growth will be carefully tracked over the next few years. “The goal of the research is to help landowners and managers find the most economical and sustainable ways to protect vulnerable trees from deer when replanting forestland or establishing windbreaks,” says Peter Smallidge, State Extension Forester with the Department of Natural Resources, who leads the project.

Tree tubes provide protection for seedlings against damage by deer and small rodents, but vary in cost and seedling growth.

The applied research project will be used in extension programming to provide guidance to foresters, maple producers, woodlot owners, and farmers.  Tree planting is a popular activity, and the mix of species is linked to the diverse interests of owners and managers throughout NY.
More information about tree planting

Nick Vail and growers in CUAES’s Caldwell greenhouses grew all of the year-old seedlings for the trial.

Honors Research Celebration: Friday, May 24!

Help celebrate the  2013 Senior Class graduating with Distinction in Research

Friday, May 24 12:30 pm-3:00 pm
102 Mann Library


Posters and Oral Presentations

Students and Thesis Titles


1)      Emily Bialowas (NTRES): The impact of Didymosphenia geminata (Didymo) on macroinvertebrate communities in Esopus Creek, New York


2)      Kelsey Erickson (NTRES): Secondary effects of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (Adelges tsugae) infestation on Hemlock stands and implications for their management in Ithaca, NY


3)      Cassandra F.L. Garcia (NTRES): Quantifying the effects of Marcellus Shale gas development on forest salamanders


4)      Tianjun Hou (SNES): The effects of soil calcium restoration on the growth rate and annual mortality of sugar maples in Hubbard Brook Experiment Forest (HBEF)


5)      Mou Jian Lee (NTRES): Possibilities for the emergence of Civic Ecology practices in response to social-ecological disturbance: The Case of nuisance Chironomids in Singapore


6)      Margaret M. Luebs (NTRES): A comparison of predation on Soft-Shell Clams (Mya arenaria) and Stout Razor Clams (Tagelus plebeius)


7)      Sarah A. Maclean (NTRES): The sound of danger: Threat sensitivity to predator vocalizations, alarm calls, and novelty in gulls

8)      Erica Merritt (NTRES): Management of Chicago’s Lincoln Park ash trees in the face of Emerald Ash Borer: A spatial plan using ArcGIS 10.1


9)      Emma Schnur (NTRES): Deploying the Conservation Awareness Index in New York: Do family forest landowners know their conservation options?


10)   Jennifer Sun (SNES): Investigating the environmental source and function of thiaminase I

11)   Olivia Walton (NTRES):