Clark’s Nutcrackers in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Clark's nutcracker

Since 2009, Taza Schaming, a PhD student in the Department of Natural Resources and the Lab of Ornithology, has been studying how the decline of whitebark pine is impacting Clark’s nutcrackers in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. She is currently satellite-tracking Clark’s nutcrackers to find out how they adapt as their food disappears. Her ultimate goal is to aid managers in designing biologically informed management interventions to help ensure persistence of Clark’s nutcrackers in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and throughout their range.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s quarterly magazine, Living Bird, which has 50,000+ print subscribers, is featuring Taza’s research and the Clark’s nutcracker-whitebark pine story. Read more at

Taza just launched a 31 day crowdfunding campaign to fund the second year of satellite tracking. For more information on the research and the crowdfunding campaign please read more at

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