“Civic Ecology: Integrating Social and Environmental Sciences”

Dr. Marianne Krasny recently contributed to the NOVA Science Education Series in the form of an “Earth Day” blog post. In her post, she discusses the ways in which people unite to help steward and protect their local environments. She explores the ways in which civic ecology practices encourage both environmental stewardship and socio-ecological resilience in communities and neighborhoods. The combination of these two concepts creates stronger community bonds and fosters environmental consciousness.

Dr. Krasny writes, “When students learn about the environment, it’s almost always bad news. We teach our students how humans have contaminated our waterways, carved up rainforests, greedily extracted mineral resources, and introduced foreign insects that kill off native trees. Sadly, all of this and more is true.

But scientists at Cornell University’s Civic Ecology Lab are offering a counter perspective to viewing humans solely as destroyers of the environment. We are examining how humans in cities and elsewhere are caring for—restoring and stewarding—local nature. We study how people come together to create community gardens, reintroduce oysters to the New York City estuary, and clean up local parks and cemeteries.”

Read Dr. Krasny’s full article here:“Civic Ecology: Integrating Social and Environmental Sciences”

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