“Air dancer” scarecrows stop birds!

Paul Curtis, an associate professor for the Cornell Department of Natural Resources, and Heidi Heinrichs, a graduate student in the Department of Natural Resources, are working on a project to find economical solutions to keep birds away from fruit orchards.┬áCurtis was inspired by the inflatable scarecrows used near fish farms and car dealerships, and decided to implement the idea into New York fruit orchards. Together, Curtis and Heinrichs are gathering data to see if these “dancing” scarecrows are more effective at driving off birds than other methods.

More information about their project can be found here!




(an “air dancer” scare crow implemented at a fruit orchard)


One thought on ““Air dancer” scarecrows stop birds!

  1. heidi,
    I sat through a seminar in NY at the NYSWMA a few months ago. I just receive a phone call from a winnery and they are havng difficulty with starlings. how can you dirrect me with this situation?

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