DNR Undergrads Awarded Goldwater Scholarship

Two students involved in Natural Resources have been awarded the Goldwater Scholarship, along with two additional Cornell students. Carter Loftus, ’14 majors in Biology (with a concentration in Neurobiology and Behavior) and in Natural Resources (with a concentration in Applied Ecology).  He is involved in research on honeybee behavior with Tom Seeley, has done field research on wild dolphin acoustic communication, and volunteers at Cornell’s Center for Animal Resources and Education socializing dogs used in research. Devin McMahon, ’14, is a Biology major who was a research and extension intern in the Department of Natural Resources under Kristi Sullivan and Steve Morreale, collecting data related to forest management and natural gas pipelines as well as studying salamander populations as indicators of forest floor health.

The Goldwater Scholarship is a national award that supports college sophomores and juniors who intend careers in the natural sciences, mathematics, or engineering.  Recipients are selected based on academic merit and research experience.  The sponsoring foundation is a federally endowed agency established in 1986 to honor Senator Barry M. Goldwater.  The scholarship provides $7500 toward tuition, fees, books, room, and board.

You may view the entire list of scholars at http://www.act.org/goldwater/sch-2013.html.  This year was more competitive than ever with only 271 scholarships awarded (as opposed to the usual 300+); there were 1,107 applicants from across the country.


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