Cliff Kraft Teaches Graduate Student Course on Data Management

Cliff Kraft, DNR associate professor, is working with Sarah Wright, a data librarian, and Camille Andrews, a learning technologies and assessment librarian, teaching a course for graduate students to help them manage their data. Using a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), a data librarian, a subject specialist, and a faculty collaborator work together in a six-session workshop helping graduate students organize and share their research data. Cornell’s class is on ecology and has about 29 graduate participants.

Click here to read the full Cornell Chronicle article about this exciting new course.

One thought on “Cliff Kraft Teaches Graduate Student Course on Data Management

  1. The Australian National Data Service is promoting more mature data management practices amongst Australian researchers. We would be interested to see the material supporting the course described in the above post… particularly if it was CC-BY, but also for our internal use, if not…. best regards

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