Bronx Teenagers Build Homes for Tree Swallows

Students at the Arturo A. Schomburg Satellite Academy in the Bronx, NY participated in a program in collaboration with the Rocking the Boat organization where they built and installed wooden boxes for tree swallows in Soundview Park. Rocking the Boat is a Hunts Point organization that holds nature programs and provides lessons for young adults on building boats. Chrissy Word, the director of Rocking the Boat, collaborated with a Cornell ornithology student in developing the bird house building activity. The group of students from Satellite Academy installed the wooden nest boxes along the Bronx River. These teenagers now have a new appreciation for nature after seeing numerous tree swallows enjoying their new homes. One student, Brandon Bermeo, 19, says, “Birds are part of nature… When you see a bird you can feel part of nature, too. You can get away from city life.”

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