DNR grad selected for the Social Science Research Council’s Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship

Laura Martin has been selected as one of twelve graduate students to receive the Social Science Research Council’s Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship (http://www.ssrc.org/fellowships/subcompetitions/dpdf-fellowship/E7C6D5E8-0312-E111-9A56-001CC477EC84/D13B62DB-5214-E111-9A56-001CC477EC84/).

 Each year, the program offers dissertation proposal development under the leadership of pairs of tenured senior faculty in the US and abroad who define emerging or reinvigorated multidisciplinary research fields. These research field directors lead groups of 12 graduate students through two workshops during the fellowship cycle. The spring workshop prepares students to undertake summer preliminary research that will inform the design of more robust dissertation research in the future. The fall workshop helps students apply their summer research experiences to writing both dissertation and funding proposals. The fellowship includes summer research funding.

 Working together, research directors and graduate students design research that will help to shape evolving fields in the humanities and social sciences. Additionally, through the program’s ongoing collaboration with international research institutions, the DPDF creates a space for international as well as domestic network building among fellows.

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