Request for Bee sightings

Have you seen ground-nesting bees this spring? If so, we are eager to know the location?

We are studying and developing a conservation plan for the solitary ground-nesting bee (Colletes inaequalis). These are very important spring pollinators of local native plants and crops. Enhancing their populations may help offset ecological problems caused by declines in other Bees.

Solitary bees have just emerged from the ground and are forming dense mating and nesting aggregations, flying around near ground level. This year, they are early.

We are seeking formation on any locations of mating and nest aggregations you may see within Tompkins County over the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for your help,

Please send location info to:

Stephen Morreale    Dept of Natural Resources and Margarita Lopez-Uribe   Dept of Entomology

Image of solitary bee

Image of solitary bee ground nest cluster

One thought on “Request for Bee sightings

  1. Sadly, I do not have the digger bee making nests in my lawn but have some type of social bee. Right now there are 4 nests, right next to my flower garden and they weren’t there 4 days ago.

    The bee or wasp top part is greenish, and the belly area is striped yellow (almost white) and black, with the black being the wider stripe.

    If you have any idea of what type of “critter” this is I would greatly appreciate the information since after trying to distinguish if this is friend or foe…and how dangerous they may be…I can’t seem to find any picture similar to them.

    Thanks for your consideration.
    Oh-I live in Steuben County, NY & the town of Campbell.

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