DNR Staff Honored as Educators of the Year

From the CALS website: http://cals.cornell.edu/cals/public/comm/pubs/ecalsconnect/honors/1203.cfm#NatRes

The National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) recently recognized Paul Curtis, Raj Smith, and Gretchen Gary, all of the Department of Natural Resources, as “Educators of the Year” for their effort in the development of the National Wildlife Control Training Program (NWCTP). As the wildlife control industry has continued to grow, agency officials and industry leaders have stepped up requests for a standardized curriculum that could be used throughout the country to train and regulate wildlife control personnel. The NWCTP is the first curriculum to meet NWCOA’s certification standards. The NWCTP is 250 pages in length and contains 17 modules, covering topics such as wildlife damage management, safety, animal handling, euthanasia, ethics, and regulations.

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