Fernow Renovation Project Update 1-18-12

The ground floor slab has been removed to allow excavation for the base of the elevator shaft (pictured below), new stairwell and plumbing and electric.

Here is the excavated ground floor looking to the east:

…and to the west:

The framing of the walls has started on the first floor.   Here is the first floor looking to the west (looking down the hallway towards Emerson):

…and the first floor looking to the east.  The walls are being insulated with (soy based!) spray foam insulation to keep us warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  The windows are all being weather stripped to minimize the drafts.

Here is one of the corner offices on the northwest corner of the second floor (you can see Mann through the windows).

Here is some of the office framing in action.  They use a laser to get it in the exact spot and square.  The area without spray foam under the windows is where the fan coil heater will be located.

Here is the second floor looking to the west:

Here is the third floor looking east.

..and the third floor looking west (note the giant set of construction plans that they use to determine things like where to place each office wall):

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