Presentation Topics

 This Year’s Topics (2019):

Beneficial and Harmful Insects
Human/Insect Interactions
Insect Camouflage and Mimicry
Insect Metamorphosis


Migratory Birds & Endangered Avian Species
Reptiles & Amphibians
Mammal Skulls
Nocturnal Animals


Invasive Terrestrial Plants
Seed Dispersal
The Life Cycles of Trees
Plant Defenses
Carnivorous Plants
Plant/Insect Interactions

Ecosystems & Fossils

Predator/Prey Interactions
Food Webs in the Fingerlakes
Stream Wildlife
Cayuga Lake Watershed


2018 Presentation Topics

Insect Growth and Development
Insect camouflage, mimicry, and warning coloration

Birds of Prey: Raptors
Amphibians and Reptiles
Winter Adaptations
Predator vs. Prey Adaptations
Canid Diversity

Plants & Ecosystems
Plant Defenses
Forest Ecology
Plant-Insect Interactions

2016 Presentation Topics:

Native Bees
Honeybees & Wasps
Insect Mimicry & Camouflage

Reptiles & Amphibians
Amphibian Ecology & Evolution
Birds, beaks and adaptations
Animal Athletics

Ecosystems & Plants
Vernal Pools
Streams & Waterways
Fire Ecology
Plant Adaptations to Climate

Animal Interactions
Food Webs
Predator-Prey Interactions
Mammals Avoid Predators
Animal Communication

2015 Presentation Topics:

Plant Defenses: Don’t Eat me!
The Plants We Eat & Where They Come From

Wetlands: A Critical Ecosystem
Exploring Local Forests: Wildlife & Ecology

Reptiles: Adaptations & Diversity
Slithering Serpents: All About Snakes
Nocturnal Animals: Creatures of the Night

Insect Defenses
Insect Pollination
Social Insects & Why They’re Amazing!
Insects Feed the World: Animals that Eat Insects
Buzz off! Mosquito Biology and Invasive Mosquitoes

2014 Presentation Topics:

Survival Adaptations: How Animals Avoid Being Eaten
Bird Diversity:  Learning about the world of birds from its 10,000 species
Bird Sounds: Understanding bird behavior from their songs and calls
Invasive Terrestrial Plants: Dominating and Ruling Upstate New York
Water quality: bioindicators and our environment
Scuttering through the Tree of Life – A Foray into Insect Adaptation and Evolution
Animal Architects: Things Animals Build and Why They Build Them
Do You See Me Now?: Bird camouflage and courtship displays
Matters of Life and Death: Exploring Predator-Prey Interactions within Arthropods
The Best Offense: How trees face challenges without being able to move
Adaptations for Locomotion in Arthropods: How and why they move the way they do
Plantastic Plants!: Amazing Plant Adaptations
Biocontrol: Why We Should Study and Support Insect Predators
Invasive Species: How non-native invertebrates are so successful & what it means for us
Plant Defenses: Plants Fight Back Against Herbivory
The Story of Skull: What we can learn about a mammal from its skull
Animal Behavior: Communication, Conflict, Creation, and Cooperation
Plant Adaptations for Reproduction: Seeds and other strategies
You are What You Eat: Why and How Carnivorous Plants Consume Insects
It’s A Deer’s World:  How deer biology, adaptations, and behavioral ecology allow them to thrive in a constantly changing environment
Reptile Diversity: What makes a reptile?

Topics from previous years by subject:

Insect diversity: One million ways to be a bug
Aquatic Insects
Pollen-Nation: An Un-bee-lievable Phenomenon!
Backyard Bees: Bumblebees and Tunnel Nesters
Invertebrate natural enemies: How bugs eat each other and how this can benefit us
Spiders: Natural Predator

Black Bears: Life Cycle and Adaptations
Nocturnal Animals: Adaptations for Survival after Sunset
White-tailed Deer: Biology, Adaptations and Impact on the Environment
Prey Adaptations: Understanding How Animals Avoid Being Eaten
How Mammals Eat: From Hunting and Gathering to Digestion
Environmental Relationships: How Mammal Skulls Show What They Eat and How Mammals Relate
Bird migration
The Biology of a Feather
Feeding Adaptations in Birds
Reptile Behavior: Understanding how and why reptiles act the way they do

Plants and Ecosystems:
Carnivorous plants: Adaptation gone wild!
Primitive Plants: The Evolution of Ferns and Their Relatives
Fungi Diversity: How Fungi are Used in Your Daily Life
Seed dispersal
Plant Defense: Thorns, Smells, Oils and Waxes
Seeing the Forest Through the Trees: a Look at the Ecology and Adaptations of Trees in a Dynamic Forest Ecosystem

Winter Adaptations: Understanding How Animals Survive in the Cold
Invasive Aquatic Species: What are they and Why should we care?
Stream Ecology: Understanding the Complexities of Food Webs

Other topics:
Fungi Diversity: How Fungi are Used in Your Daily Life
Animal Locomotion: How and Why Animals Move the Way They Do

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