Who Benefits?


Benefits of Naturalist Outreach to Students

  • Hear enthusiastic, informative, interactive talks
  • Encourage an appreciation of the joys of watching animals in the backyard
  • Get science education in a fun format
  • See college students as role model ‘scientists’. Particularly important for girls to see that scientists can appreciate and study ‘creepy crawlies’.
  • Help convert arachnophobia to Arachnophilia!!

Benefits to Cornell Undergraduates of Participating in Scientific Inquiry Based Outreach

  • Experience the joys of outreach & science teaching
  • Develop effective public speaking skills
  • Help develop relevant learning and visual aids
  • Learn to address the needs of different age groups
  • Enhance the overall learning experience at Cornell

Benefits to Teachers

  • Knowledgeable and extroverted guest speakers instill enthusiasm for biology and scientific inquiry
  • Curiosity about nature is used to fuel library research, web searches, story writing, poetry, reading, math, and art projects
  • Dr. Rayor’s web page for teachers is a resource: (URL link)
  • Teachers receive resource handouts, worksheets, and CIBT talks by Dr. Rayor about ways to use natural history to promote an interest in science

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