Alumni 2005


Allison Taisey is a Junior Entomology major with a minor in education. She works in veterinary entomology and teaches horseback riding for Cornell. For fun, she works with horses, leads a girl scout troop, and plays intramural ice hockey.

Allison Devlin


Cameron Polek is a senior in International Agriculture and Rural Development. She has great experience in naturalist outreach through opportunities with Cornell Plantations, Maria Mitchell Association, Student Conservation Association, National Wildlife Federation, and Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots. Cameron is specifically interested in environmental and elementary education, and upon December graduation, will look for a teaching or outreach position.


Carrie Lewis is a senior in Natural Resources, with a focus in geographic information systems (GIS) and applied ecology. She volunteers at the Cornell Raptor Program and works at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology as a research assistant in the Banded Wren project. She’s been involved in several outreach and education programs including the Texas Brigades Wildlife Leadership Camps, an elementary school orchestra program, Girl Scouts, and the Cornell student chapter of the Wildlife Society. For fun, she loves to explore the outdoors, play the bagpipes, and work on her family’s ranch in Oklahoma.


Corinne Kendall is a senior at Cornell University majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary biology. She has a variety of field experience and has worked abroad in Brazil, Australia, and the Virgin Islands. She is also active in outreach programs for elementary school students and has tutored college students in the vertebrates course, introductory biology, and genetics. Additionally she has worked at zoos, in a wildlife clinic, and at Cornell’s Raptor Center. After graduation, she is planning on going to graduate school to get a Ph.D in conservation biology.

Lena Samsonenko


Megan Newman is a junior communication major from Buffalo, NY. She transferred to Cornell her sophomore year from the University of Maryland. She loves studying how people interact, especially how people interact through the use of computers. After she graduates Megan wants to go into the public relations field, perhaps to work for a non-profit organization. She enjoys gardening, however it can not be said that she has a green thumb. She adores fish, dogs, and children.


Ronda Hamm is the graduate student teaching assistant for the Naturalist Outreach Course.  She has her Master’s Degree in Entomology from Cornell University, a California Teaching Credential, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Education from Fresno State.  She is currently pursuing a Phd in Entomology.  Upon graduation she would like to have an outreach and/or teaching position.  Ronda is very proud to have been the organizer of Insectapalooza, the Dept. of Entomology’s Open House, which attracted 1300 people in 2005.

Susan Newman (picture not available)


Tad Yankoski